Have you noticed several spots in your yard of raised soil with dirt pushed to the sides as if someone was trying to create a low budget Tremors sequel? If you've stepped on these brown ridges of soil and felt yourself sinking, you most likely have a mole in your yard. And you probably want to stop the damage to your yard.

Thankfully, you're only dealing with one, maybe two, moles. They do not live in communities, so at least you're not dealing with an infestation such as ants. Clear signs of a mole includes 3 to 5 inch rounded, raised ridges breaking the surface of your lawn. You may also see a few openings in the ridges. Because their burrowing kills grass roots, your lawn will start to have patches of barren soil.

While you can use various poisons and repellents, the most effective method to rid your yard of moles is to use traps. Mole traps can be purchased at standard location including Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. In order for the trap to not be tampered with by any other animals, it would be best to cover the trap with a 5-gallon bucket once you've placed the trap. It also helps to move the trap daily if you are not successful in capturing the mole the first time you set it out.

However, if you're unable to catch the mole, don't want to take the time and money to capture it, or do not want to harm the mole, there's still hope. Moles live less than three years. On the bright side, their burrowing aerates the soil and distributes nutrients to plants and soil. So even though your yard may look like someone drug a shovel through it in several places, it will look great again in less than three years time.

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