Have you thought about traveling this summer, but don't want to spend the money on gas, hotel, rental car, etc.? Why not combine travel and lodging? RV rentals are a great way to travel and never worry about where you're going to stay.

There are several websites that offer details on renting an RV, trailer, or other type of home on wheels. The sites include rvshare.com, williamsmotorhome.com, candyscampers.com, and many more.

While prices per day are listed, there are many costs that vary from rental to rental. For example, while a motor home may be $175 a day, there are often additional costs including a refundable damage deposit, cleaning fee, and additional costs for excess mileage and generator usage.

Whatever your vacation plans are, RV rentals are a good alternative to staying in hotels - especially if you plan on traveling to many different places. Finally, make sure you have coverage on the vehicle while you're operating it. The owner may or may not have coverage on the vehicle, and if you're pulled over or in an accident, you'll want to be able to show proof of coverage. Visit our website at ReduceMyInsurance.net or give us a call at 615-900-0288 to get a quote on any RV, motor home, trailer, etc. that you're looking into - whether rented or owned!