It's that special time of year again that we set aside a day to appreciate all of the hard working, loving moms in our lives. Whether it's your mom, step-mom, grandmother, or any woman who has made an effort to influence your life for the better, it's important to let her (or them!) know just how much they're loved.

In case you're wondering where to go, what to get, or what to do, here's a list of simple, but meaningful ways of showing her you care:

1) Bath and Body Works: They have several specials going on right now that'll make anybody feel spoiled!

2) Etsy: For moms that appreciate sentimental and personalized value, this is the perfect website to find the gift that is just for her.

3) Do everything for her! Well, maybe not everything, but go above and beyond by cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, dusting every little decoration, preparing an exquisite breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even do some laundry! Moms work hard every day, so a day of rest and relaxation may be the best gift of all.

4) Personalized Calendar: Several websites and stores offer these. For example, VistaPrint and Shutterfly. Take some new pictures, or gather old ones, and make a calendar that reminds her of how much she's loved every day of the year!

5) Take her on a tour around town, or write a short narrative on all the times she went out of her way to love and teach you. I realize it's sappy, but some moms live for the sappiest moments! If that's too over the top, a simple card with a personalized message goes a long way.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone from!