On Sunday, April 23rd 2017, a fire engulfed 12 units of Carrington Park Apartments in Murfreesboro, TN located just off of Old Fort Parkway and Cason Lane. Thankfully, no injuries were sustained. However, thousands of dollars worth of belongings were destroyed, as well as leaving at least 12 families and/or individuals homeless.

Unfortunately, the threat of losing all of your belongings in a fire is a real possibility. While the fire started in only one unit, it quickly overtook 11 other units. It is an uncomfortable thought, but it causes us to pause a moment and think, "What if that happened to me?"

Renters insurance is an essential coverage if you're living in an apartment, townhome, duplex, or even a rented house. Although you may keep your apartment clean and safe, your upstairs, downstairs, and surrounding neighbors may not keep their homes safe.

Without renters insurance, if your apartment and all of the things in it are destroyed from a fire, you will have to start from scratch on rebuilding what makes your home a home. With renters insurance, a fire is still devastating. But at least you have hope in being able to buy new clothes, furniture, kitchen items, towels, sheets, and everything else that makes a home comfortable to live in.

Many folks think, "My stuff isn't worth that much, there's no point in getting renters insurance." It's not about how much your stuff is worth now, it's about how much it will cost to get all of those things again, brand new, at the same time. When you start to think about how much it would cost to buy new furniture, new clothes, new curtains, new dishes, etc., you really start to see just how important having a renters insurance policy is.

We work with several different companies and can tailor your policy to fit your needs. Whether you live in a studio apartment by yourself, or a 3 bedroom townhome with your spouse, 2 kids, and a dog, we can provide a policy that fits your budget and gives you what insurance is all about: peace of mind.. Give us a call at at 615-900-0288 or visit us online at ReduceMyInsurance.net.