Spring is finally here! Along with sunny days, warmer weather, and plans to play outside, evening dinner parties and just getting inside without a hoard of gnats and other bugs getting inside can be a challenge. You want to keep your porch light on so you can see where you're going when you get home at night, but you're not looking forward to wading through the swarm of annoying bugs. Sound familiar?

There are a few ways of reducing the number of bugs plaguing the outdoor areas of your home, apartment, condo, etc. While many products claim to eliminate bugs gathering near lights altogether, a more realistic view is that the number of bugs and insects in and around your home is significantly reduced if you implement the following:

1. Install a yellow 'bug' light in your outdoor lights. This applies to porches, decks, floodlights, etc. Bug lights work by reducing the color temperature. Since bugs can't decipher lower temperatures of light, they will (hopefully) seek a more common, "hotter" light - like your neighbor's porch light! Or a street light, or any other light source. If there are no other nearby regular light sources, then don't expect the number of bugs gathering at the porch light to dwindle.

2. Remove standing water, and reduce locations that can keep standing water. Whether it's a bucket, planter, or some other item that often holds water, turn it upside down or put it away in the garage or shed. Standing water is the birthplace for many of the annoying bugs we see buzzing around at night. Fill in any patches in your mulch, yard, or otherwise that often hold water for several days after it rains. Inspect the area around your home to see where you can eliminate existing and possible locations for standing water.

3. Sweep, clean, prevent. Bugs like to hide. Sweep off the porch and deck. Clean up around the bushes, trees, and flowers to eliminate hiding places for bugs. If you want a completely bug-free home, inside and out, then you'll need to spend some money on bug and insect repellents. Whether it's a candle, or a whole system surrounding the house and yard, it's basically the only way to get rid of bugs at almost 100%.

4. If you feel like you have an all out infestation of a particular kind of bug, or several varieties of bugs, then you need to contact a professional before the problem gets even worse. Personally, I don't mind a few buzzing bandits around the outside of my house. I use a brighter light on the side of my house, and it draws many bugs away from the porch. Please note that most insurance policies do not cover the cost of getting rid of a bug infestation.

Finally, a routine inspection is key to maintaining a home whether you're annoyed by bugs or not. This allows the opportunity to detect a small problem before it becomes a catastrophic issue. Whether you're satisfied with your current home insurance or are looking for a better price, please give us a call at 615-900-0288 or visit us at ReduceMyInsurance.net so that we can find the best rate available for you.  Hope you get to enjoy your outdoors with fewer bugs buzzing around this year!