At ReduceMyInsurance.Net, We are always looking for ways to improve our service to our clients.  In the last few months we have worked hard to arrange partnerships with all of our major carriers to provide instant policy service for you on our behalf!  You will now be able to get immediate answers to your questions when you want them, 24/7!  No more waiting for us to research the issue and return your call!  

You may notice the options in our phone system changing as we embrace this new and improved feature.   You will now be able to get expedited service for the items below and many more directly from the carrier providing your coverage.

  • make changes to your policy

  • ask questions about your coverage and billing

  • report claims

  • request policy documents & ID cards

  • pay a bill


The Steps are simple:

  1. Press "1" for policy Service
  2. Select "personal" or "commercial" from the list
  3. Select your carrier from the list.    Thats It! 

 We think you will be pleased with these more convenient hours and with the helpful, friendly and faster service you’ll receive. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your insurance needs.