Do you have a small business that needs more exposure?  Social media is a great way to get your products in front of people and to let them know what interests you.   With all o those platforms out there (google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Tumbler, FLickr, Reddit etc) who has time to make daily postings on all of these sites, while maintaining a newsletter, and oh yeah.... running your business?  Unless your this guy....You can't!  

Well, now its time for you to fight back against your internet giant competitors!   I will share my secret with you on how to automate the process and make one posting that will give you an email newsletter, blog, and as many social media site postings as you would like!  


Step 1:  It all starts with a blog:

Find your favorite blog platform.  It does not really matter which one you use, it just must have an RSS feed associated with it.  This is important.  It must have an RSS Feed.  We use Squarespace to host our site, and it has its own built in blog that posts to facebook, twitter, and linkedin.  but its not free.  It seems to me   a better idea to have your blog integrated into your website, so that you are actively driving traffic back to your website, instead of a 3rd party blog.  If you want a free solution, use Blogger or Tumblr  Just make sure to fill your articles with plenty of links back to your site. 

If you use tumblr, it will auto post to facebook and twitter without any extra intervention.  You can pickup other sites such as google+ & LinkedIn in step 2 below.  

You will need to find out your RSS feed URL.  for tumblr you will simply take your tumblr URL and add  /rss to the end of it.  


Step 2:  The apps you must have:

Sign up for the following accounts:

IFTTT-  This is the coolest thing since sliced bread!  You can do an unlimited amount of nerd stuff with this app.  Basically this is a plugin that allows you to make one internet service talk to another.  It can be used to take your  newly created blog above and throw it all over the internet.  

once signed up, use the following Recipes: 

New RSS Feed Items To Google+ Via Buffer

    rss to tumblr  If not using tumbler for your blog

    RSS to Blogger  Use this one to create 2 bloggs!  Post your blog to another blog.  or in our case, blog about your blogs blog posting to your blog......


    Buffer:  Post to all of your social networks As you add content, you can easily select which of your social accounts you want to post to. Post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each.  with the free version you are limited to how man posts you can make,  but feel free to use IFTTT to link your feed (for free) to buffer, and then buffer will automatically post your feed to Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. 


    step 3: Instant Newsletter emailed to your clients

    Ok, so now that you have your blog automatically creating posts all over the internet for you on autopilot,  You need an email newsletter to drive your customers and prospects back to your blog to read all of that wonderful content you have now painted the internet with.  The answer.......

    Mailchimp   Mialchimp is a free (up to a certain number of contacts) bulk email service that integrates with every internet service out there.  They also have a Nifty RSS To newsletter feature that will take your RSS feed, wrap it up with a pretty bow, and blast out the headlines as a monthly, or weekly  email newsletter to your clients.  BAM....done!

    So there you have it folks.  It takes a little bit of work to get all the parts figured out.  But once you put it together, you can start making one Blog post, that instantly becomes facebook, google+, blog, reblogged blog, linkedin, pinterest, twitter, monthly newsletter! 

    And remember, make sure you have good liability insurance coverage to protect you just in case you say something you will later regret!