Roadside Assistance programs can be a life saver!  Weather your tire blows on I-24 In Nashville TN, your battery dies in Murfreesboro TN, or you lock your keys in your car in Atlanta GA; You will be very glad you signed up for roadside assistance every time!  A 24-Hour Roadside assistance package will dispatch a local towing company, locksmith or service technician to save the day.  They are available 24/7 anywhere in the U.S.  The cost is usually less than $10 per month to sign up for this great service as a part of your auto policy.  But is this really a good Idea to have this service built into your auto policy?

I am writing this article because on two separate occasions this month, I was unable to write a new client with ANY of our insurance carriers (over 15  different companies) due to the number of roadside claims on their claim history report.  These poor individuals had an older vehicle that was giving them fits!  It seemed like every time they turned around, there was something new wrong with the car requiring a tow, jump start or other roadside service.  Little did they know, each and every one of these phone calls to that oh so convienent roadside 800 number was putting a new check mark on their claim report.  Some said this was not fair, it was not their fault, or it was out of their control, and these calls for help should not be used against them.  It is true that one or two every 5 years will not hurt.  They were angry and upset that their previous agent never took the time to warn them against this outcome.  Although I sympathize with them and agree that it is not fair, the universal rule of insurance still applies.

Whether your insurance company makes you laugh with camels and lizards, saves your from mayhem, has you in good hands, takes you to farmer school,  gets you to a better state, or goes with the Flo, they all have the same make a profit!  Every time that tow truck comes out to save the day, someone had to pay for it.  Insurance companies are heavily invested in technology to track and communicate claim history to one another now days.  You cannot hide from these small but significant claims.  Or can you?

There is another way!   Using a 3rd party, you can add roadside assistance coverage without going through your insurance company.  ReduceMyInsurance.Net now offers a standalone product for as little as $8.00 per month that offers the same great protection as the roadside assistance offered through your insurance company!  The best part is, since it is not connected to your auto policy, any claims made against the roadside package will not affect your auto insurance policy!  

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